Member Benefits

You are a part of a dynamic industry, affecting the health and well-being of our future. Your work impacts the face of the
planet. Yet, as a natural resource professional, you face unique challenges. Meet those challenges and make a difference
in your career and the world.

Build your knowledge base

Discover the latest research and groundbreaking science with peer-reviewed journals. Get perspectives on the issues
facing our forests and the people who manage them. Learn the latest techniques in silviculture, urban and community
forestry, wildlife management geospatial technologies, entomology and pathology.

Receive specialized region-specific information regarding applied forestry and policy with one of our regional journals.
Study soils, biometry, disease tree physiology and much more.

Then, learn about industry changes relating to jobs, events and How-tos. Every month, you can stay abreast of the trends,
influencers and the policies affecting your work.

Craft your career

Take control of your career with SAF's online Career Center and the online community forums. Use to network,
find jobs, and share best practices and expertise.

Then give your career a competitive advantage with continuing forestry education. Take advantage of the nation's largest
calendar of forestry and natural resource meetings and seminars that can contribute to your Continuing Forestry Education

Track your training with our online CFE management system and maintain your professional credentials within the Certified
Forester program and state licensing.

Not a Certified Forester? Distinguish yourself with a commitment to high standards of practice and continuing education
by earning your certification. And, with specialized programs such as Auditor and Candidate Certified Forester, you make
yourself even more attractive to employers who require qualified experts.

Stay informed

How are national and local policies affecting your job? Find out every week through the Policy Update E-newsletter. The SAF
staff actively participates in the world of forest policy on behalf of the profession. Make SAF your single source for all things
policy related.