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Minnesota Society of American Foresters

2016 Winter Meeting:
Watershed Thinking--Healthy Forests for Healthy Fisheries

Joint Meeting of the
Minnesota Society of American Foresters
and the Minnesota Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
Duluth, MN February 1-3, 2016
Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center

The joint annual meeting of the Minnesota Society of American Foresters and the Minnesota Chapter of the
American Fisheries Society offers two days of scientific sessions devoted to resource management issues facing Minnesota.
Presentations will include discussions of how forestry and fisheries science and management are inter-linked,
including stream crossings, forest management for cisco lakes, best management practices to preserve stream and lake
water quality, and riparian management. We also encourage topical presentations on any aspect of forestry
and fishery science, and especially encourage student presentations.

2015 Winter Meeting: Implementing Innovation

The Minnesota Society winter annual meeting was at the Grand Ely Lodge in Ely, January 27 and 28, 2015. Attendance was about 115 people. The meeting featured a number of excellent presenters on topics generally related to emerging technology in the profession. An overview of the agenda is on the online registration form.

SAF policy director John Barnwell addresses MNSAF members at the 2015 annual meeting.

Seeking nominations:

We are seeking nominations for the Presidential Field Forester Award and SAF Fellow:

  • PRESIDENTIAL FIELD FORESTER AWARDS: Through presidential direction, eleven members (one from each of the eleven SAF districts) will be selected to receive an outstanding field forester achievement award. This process will assure that each region of the United States will be able to recognize an outstanding field forester. The purpose of these awards is to recognize foresters who have dedicated their professional careers to the application of forestry on the ground using sound, scientific methods and adaptive management strategies. Previous Presidential Field Forester Awards were presented to individuals who have displayed uncommon talent, skill, and innovative methods to achieve a record of excellence in the application of forest management. Application instructions and materials are here. Please contact Nominations Committee chair Eric Hofstad at erichofstad@yahoo.com if you are considering an application.
  • SAF FELLOW: With leadership from Mike Carroll, we are also seeking nominees deserving of recognition as a fellow of the national Society. This is a major honor and a somewhat more elaborate nomination process. But the recognition is important and many in our state are more than deserving. Details, criteria, and nomination procedures are here. Again, please contact Nominations Committee chair Eric Hofstad at erichofstad@yahoo.com if you are considering a nomination.

2014 Winter Meeting

The 2014 MN SAF winter meeting will be held at Chase on the Lake Resort in Walker on January 28 & 29, 2014. It should be a great meeting with a good group of speakers and we hope you'll join us.

This is our largest and most important annual gathering: a time to take care of essential business, connect with colleagues new and old, and discuss management practices, new developments, and issues important to our profession.

Building on last year's silviculture focus, this year’s theme is Resilient Forests, Resilient Markets, Resilient People. Confirmed speakers and topics include:

  • National SAF policy committee chair Sharon Friedman with a keynote on resilience, policy, and communications,
  • Linda Nagel, new UMN Cloquet Forestry Center director and professor on adaptive silviculture for climate change,
  • MN Senator Tom Saxhaug (invited) on the MN legislative environment,
  • Wildlife management and tools to get good forestry implemented on the ground,
  • MNDNR's Kent Jacobson on the Minnesota wood product market environment,
  • Mike Falkowski of the UMN on emerging technology for resilience assessment and management,
  • Aitkin County land department staff on small gap management in hardwoods,
  • Mike Kilgore of the University of Minnesota on policy opportunities here in Minnesota,
  • an open forum to reflect and exchange ideas,
  • ...and many others.

The focus is on practical steps to increase the resilience and productivity of Minnesota forests, markets, and communities. The MNSAF annual meeting will also address a few important state society issues including streamlined bylaws and committee structure and interesting and rewarding opportunities to get involved. Get the details and register here, or contact Chase on the Lake to make your lodging reservations.

Eventbrite - MN SAF Winter Meeting 2014: Walker




2013 Winter Meeting

The 2013 annual meeting was at the Bunker Hills Golf Course on February 26 & 27, 2013. The conference theme was Silviculture for the 21st Century: Growing the Next Generation of Forests.




Forests for Humanity

Since 1997, the Minnesota Society of American Foresters (MN SAF) and Habitat Minnesota have partnered with land owners harvesting timber, loggers and forest products manufacturers in the Forests for Humanity program. Forests for Humanity incorporates donated wood products into Minnesota’s Habitat homes and raises awareness of the importance for sustainable management, including timber harvest as a valuable tool, to maintain healthy forest ecosystems while providing for the needs of people from this most renewable of resources.

The mission of Forests for Humanity is to promote public understanding of the value of sustainable forest management to maintain high quality, diverse forest ecosystems while providing for human needs. It puts the concept of “think globally, act locally” into realistic, meaningful terms people can appreciate and participate in directly.

Forests for Humanity is a partnership between sustainable forest management and meeting people’s needs

Forests for Humanity (FFH) was created by SAF in 1997 to reflect the mission of the 100+ year old organization. Since then, donations of cash and products generated for Habitat for Humanity have likely exceeded $200,000 since 1997, and MN SAF members have contributed many, many volunteer hours building Habitat homes, setting up and coordinating timber harvests, and delivering locally manufactured products derived from donated timber. In addition to that estimate, Minnesota SAF has raised $30,000 for Log-a-Load for Kids.

An SAF member soliciting a landowner donation starts the ball rolling for FFH. Additional donations can be made by the logger (for harvesting the timber); the trucker (or logger) for hauling it to the mill; and the mill (for processing the timber into 2 x 4s or OSB or millwork for cabinets). Every donated product or service increases the total end-value of the contribution to Habitat for Humanity. The multiplying effect can mean that a landowner donation of one truckload of logs worth $500 (about 10 cords) might supply enough 2 x 4s or OSB for two or more homes—with an end-value of up to $2,500.

Habitat homeowners “complete the cycle.” Another unique aspect of the FFH program is that it demonstrates, in a very real manner, the renewable life cycle of forests. Mature trees are harvested, and the timber is used to build homes. To complete the cycle, Habitat homeowners can use some of the “sweat equity” they must expend to “earn” the keys to their new home (about 200 hours per adult) to plant trees or participate in other forest management activities.

“Teachable moments:” There is another side benefit to the FFH program. It provides foresters and landowners with countless “teachable moments” that can help to put a face on important messages related to forest management. FFH has been able to mentor forestry students by having them actively work with working professionals on actual timber harvests. Newspaper, radio and TV coverage of FFH projects and SAF member presentations at meeting and HFH events have provided many opportunities to capture the public’s attention, increase public awareness, and even correct some misperceptions about forestry.

We depend on countless wood products for our everyday lives—and wood products come from harvesting trees. We depend on trees, we harvest trees to fulfill basic needs, and then we plant new trees. With sustainable forest management, the cycle goes on and on. Furthermore, if we don’t meet our need for wood products here in the United States, we end up exporting our demand to other countries less able to protect the environment. That’s why FFH emphasizes the need to ‘think globally, act locally.

“Think globally, act locally:” The mission of Forests for Humanity is, in part, to “put the concept of ‘think globally, act locally’ into realistic, meaningful terms that people can appreciate and participate in directly.” The enthusiastic generosity and growing participation of many individuals and organizations in FFH programs reinforces that vision, while also building stronger public awareness of the value of effectively managing our renewable forest resources to meet the needs of people today—and for many generations to come.

Want to help? For more information about the Forests for Humanity program, upcoming FFH events, or how you can make a donation, contact Rick Dahlman, chair, Forests for Humanity program, Minnesota SAF at 763-441-1253 or rdahlman@charter.net.


2012 Annual Meeting

The 2012 annual meeting will be held at the Cloquet Forestry Center on October 15-17, 2012. We've got an outstanding list of speakers and lots of social time. It should be a great meeting and we hope you'll join us. Download a PDF brochure here.

We are looking forward to a barbeque hosted by the University of Minnesota on Monday, October 15 at 5pm. Well be socializing with a cash bar and live music from Jim Larsons Merry Little String Band.

On Tuesday, after an informative day of presentations, the evening banquet (hosted by MFI and TPA) will include a keynote address from National SAF President Bill Rockwell.

Well wrap up by noon on Wednesday, after planning our response to the information we received on Tuesday and a state business meeting.

Mail your registration (see PDF brochure) to Dick Peterson, or register online by Monday [link no longer active].

Hope to see you in Cloquet!

2012 winter meeting

The 2012 MN SAF winter meeting was designed to balance the benefits of in-person networking with the lower cost and convenience of a local meeting.

On March 1, 2012 MNSAF members gathered simultaneously in Bemidji, Cloquet, Ely, Grand Rapids, Rochester, and Saint Paul. The meeting was designed to develop focused position statements on high-priority forestry issues: Seed source control and School Trust lands. MN SAF leadership hopes to have position statements ready for approval by members at the 2012 summer meeting in Grand Rapids.

Click here for a recording of the 2012 MN SAF winter meeting (will open a new browser window). Use the slider bar at the bottom to skip ahead or back. After viewing, please share your thoughts on possible position statements here.

  • 4:30 - Alan Ek on the State of Forestry in Minnesota
  • 29:15 - Steve McKeand on Seed Source Control
  • 50:15 - Rick Klevorn on Minnesota-specific Seed Source Control issues
  • 1:04:00 - Q&A for Rick and Steve
  • 1:44:50 - 6 sites report out after seed source control discussions
  • 2:03:50 - Bob Krepps on School Trust Lands
  • 2:47:35 - 6 sites report out after School Trust lands discussion

Detailed flyer (PDF)



State meeting update 10/9/2012 — 10/09/2012

Late registration fee has been waived! Updated Tuesday schedule 10-1045 DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehrs address. 1045-12 Panel response to commissioners remarks: Wayne Brandt (MN Forest Industries), Bruce Cox (Clearwater County), Pete Aube (Potlatch), Dave Chura (MN Logger Education Program), and Mike Kilgore (UMN Dept. of Forest Resources). 12-1 lunch (included in registration fee) 1-145p Public Agency panel: Wayne Damerow (Deputy Director DNR-Forestry), Bob Krepps (St Louis County Land Commissioner), Brenda Halter (USFS Superior NF), Jason Kueken (Chippewa NF Supervisor), 145-230 Hunting and Conservation groups panel: Eric Lindner (NWTF), Joe Canella (MDHA), Dan Desekker (RGS), Will Bomier (NRCS Duluth), Dennis McDougall (USFS State and Private Forestry) 245-330 Private landowners panel: Mike Greenheck (landowner), Bruce ZumBahlen (MN Forestry Association), Paul Dickson (MN Association of Consulting Foresters), Eli Sagor (UMN Extension) 330-415 Forest Industry panel: Terry Worthman (Boise), Jerry Richards (Norboard), Gary Ericson, (Sappi), Pete Aube (Potlatch) 415-5 Legislative panel: Senator Tom Bakk (invited), Senator Tom Saxhaug, Senator John Carlson, Senator Bill Ingebrigsten (invited) 5-6 social hour (cash bar) 6-8 banquet (sponsored by MFI/TPA) Keynote Speaker: Bill Rockwell (President, Society of American Foresters)

Rockwell to give keynote address on Oct 16 — 10/03/2012

Bill Rockwell, national president of SAF, will be the keynote speaker at the banquet during our annual meeting. The banquet is sponsored by Minnesota Forest Industries and Timber Producers Association. The meeting, Getting Psyched for Our Second Century, is at the Cloquet Forestry Center. Register by October 8 for a reduced rate. Register online at http://z.umn.edu/MNSAF

Getting Psyched For Our Second Century — 10/02/2012

New developments in the planning of our state meeting at Cloquet Forestry Center on October 15-17: The barbecue will be heating up at 5pm on Monday, October 15, while we enjoy a cash bar. The University of Minnesota is hosting the barbecue to show appreciation to SAF. Later, Jim Larson's "Merry Little String Band" will play. On Tuesday, we're lining up some great panels to help us prepare for our second century. DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr will open the conference with his vision. Panel discussions through the day will provide views from private landowners, public agencies, legislature/congress, and industry. On Tuesday evening, we'll enjoy a banquet and awards ceremony. On Wednesday morning, we'll chart our course, at least for the short term, and have a business meeting to discuss officer elections, Itasca Community College Chapter bylaws, and committee reports.

MN SAF Winter Meeting - February 22 - 23, 2011 — 03/15/2011

Thanks to all those members who participated in the MN SAF Winter Meeting. It was a great exchange of ideas, and we are always willing to hear member's suggestions for future meetings. Presentations from the event will be posted in the documents section of this site.

Link: Reaching and Communicating with Landowners

Draft Updated Bylaws: For MN SAF member review — 02/02/2011

Please see the link below to review the draft Bylaws for the Minnesota Society of American Foresters. Comments or questions, please contact Keith Matson, his expertise and hard work made this draft possible, thank you Keith. keithmatson@hotmail.com

Link: Draft MN SAF Bylaws

Check out photos of the White Pine Field Tour, 8 Sept 2010 — 09/09/2010

The MN SAF and Headwaters Chapter hosted a White Pine Field tour Sept. 8, 2010 in the Deer River, MN area. Over 65 people checked out sites demonstrating practices to naturally regeneration white pine using prescribed burning and also visited planted sites to discuss everything from deer browse protection, site selection. New term for me: "graduated release" from Dan Hertle, MN DNR forester. Photos are listed in the "Document" section of the mnsaf.org website.

New Policy page! — 09/25/2009

What is the MN SAF Policy Committee, who's involved, and what does the Committee do?

Link: Minnesota SAF Policy and Legislative Committee