The awards program of the Ouachita SAF closely mirrors the National SAF awards program. Our awards are similar in category and concept, though the names may be different for several awards. We strive to give credit where credit is due, for exemplary professional achievement and service to our professional organization.

Ouachita SAF members are encouraged to nominate fellow Ouachita SAF members for our awards. We have streamlined the process in an effort to attract a worthy and diverse nomination pool. The process is rather straightforward. Except where otherwise noted for a specific award, individual members may nominate their fellow members, or members may nominate themselves.

Nominations must include two items. Each must address the award criteria:

1) A biographical sketch of the nominee (not to exceed two pages). 2) One letter of nomination or endorsement from an Ouachita SAF colleague (not to exceed one page).

Nominations must be received by November 1, 2015. They will be reviewed by the Ouachita SAF Council Members, Fellows and Awards Committee. Recipients will be announced at the next annual Ouachita SAF meeting, and will be presented with an award certificate.

Please send all nominations to:
Dr. Victor Ford, OSAF Awards Chair
Director & Professor
Southwest Research & Extension Center
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture
362 Highway 174 North
Hope, AR 71801

Nomination materials may also be sent as attachments to an e-mail to:

Please call Dr. Vic Ford at 870-777-9702 x102 if you have questions, or send an e-mail.

Deadline for Nominations: November 1, 2015

Lifetime Achievement Forestry Award (Mirrors the National SAF's Gifford Pinchot Medal)

Recognizes a full, solid and meritorious career of outstanding contributions, exemplary actions, and diverse achievement by a forestry professional in the administration, practice, development and advancement of forestry at the local, regional and national level.

2008 Awardee - James Sorenson (AR)
2010 Awardee - Bob Levins (AR)
2011 Awardee - Max Craighead (OK)
2012 Awardee - Ted Chancey (AR)
2013 Awardee - Dr. Craig McKinley (OK)
2015 Awardee - Martin Blaney (AR)

Volunteer Leadership Award (Mirrors the National SAF's John A. Beale Memorial Award)

Recognizes outstanding efforts over a sustained period of time by an OSAF member in the promotion of forestry through voluntary service to the Society. Nominees must demonstrate a strong continuing commitment to volunteer work supporting the SAF and its members which furthers the cause of forestry. Nominations are only accepted from OSAF state divisions and each state division may nominate only one candidate each year.

2008 Awardee - Joe Friend (AR)
2009 Awardee - Dr. Craig McKinley (OK)
2010 Awardee - Bob Heinemann (OK)
2011 Awardee - Caroll Guffey (AR)
2012 Awardee - Bob Levins (AR)
2013 Awardee - Dr. Rob Ficklin (AR)
2015 Awardee - Kurtis Atkinson (OK)

Young Forester Leadership Award (Mirrors the National SAF's Young Forester Leadership Award)

Recognizes outstanding leadership by a young forestry professional in the development and promotion of an individual program or project, and recognizes a young forester in an emerging leadership role benefiting the practice of forestry and SAF. Nominees must be under 40 years of age at the close of the nomination deadline.

2009 Awardee - Terrell Baker (AR)
2011 Awardee - Dereck Warren (OK)
2012 Awardee - Erin Johnson (OK)
2013 Awardee - Cory Bostic (AR)
2015 Awardee - Jaret Rushing (AR)

Forest Policy Enhancement Award (Mirrors the National SAF's Sir William Schlich Memorial Award)

Recognizes outstanding leadership and diverse contribution to the practice and profession of forestry with emphasis on forest policy and associated national and/or international activities.

2013 Awardee - Kurt Atkinson (OK)

Field Forester Award (Mirrors the National SAF's Field Forester Award)

Recognize foresters who have dedicated their professional careers to the application of forestry on the ground using sound, scientific methods and adaptive management strategies, and who have a demonstrated creative talent, practical skills, innovative methods, and a consistent professional demeanor to achieve a record of excellence in the application and pursuit of forest management. Nominees must have practiced forestry for at least ten years and may represent any employment sector.

2008 Awardee - Tim Cannon (OK)
2009 Awardee - Ed Hurliman (OK)
2010 Awardee - Chris Stuhlinger (AR)
2013 Awardee - Tom Jackson (OK)
2014 Awardee - Karl Hansen (AR)
2015 Awardee - John Trauger (AR)

Forestry Educator Award (Mirrors the National SAF's Carl Alwin Schenck Award)

Recognizes outstanding performance and achievement in the field of forestry education, including devotion to the instruction of forestry; setting high professional and educational standards for students; demonstration of outstanding service to professional education; and development of teaching methods that are characterized by imparting competent knowledge through dynamic communication skills and creative techniques. Nominees must have ten years minimum of professional teaching experience.

2010 Awardee - Dr. Chuck Tauer (OK)
2011 Awardee - Dr. Rod Will (OK)
2012 Awardee - Dr. Rob Ficklin (AR)
2013 Awardee - Dr. Vic Ford (AR)
2015 Awardee - Dr. Tom Kuzmic

Forestry Science Research Award (Mirrors the National SAF's Barrington Moore Memorial Award and the Award in Forest Science)

Recognizes distinguished research in forestry and disciplines allied to forestry and forest resource management that has resulted in substantial advances in the knowledge and practice of forestry at any level. Evaluation is based on research quality, productivity, innovation, and impact.

2008 Awardee - Dr. Tom Lynch (OK)
2009 Awardee - Dr. Rodney Will (OK)
2010 Awardee - Jamie Schuler (AR)
2012 Awardee - Don Bragg (AR)
2013 Awardee - Martin Spetich (AR)
2014 Awardee - Dr. Hal Liechty (AR)
2015 Awardee - Dr. James M. Guldin (AR)

Technology Transfer Award (Mirrors the National SAF's Technology Transfer Award)

Recognizes outstanding professionalism, leadership, innovation, and achievement in technology transfer and extension, assuring that sound technical information becomes available to those concerned, allied, and involved in the management and conservation of forest resources, and successfully implemented at the regional, national, and/or international level.

2014 Awardee - Dr. Tamara Walkingstick (AR)
2015 Awardee - Dr. Jon Barry (AR)

Outstanding Communicator Award (Mirrors the National SAF's W.D. Hagenstein Communicator Award)

Recognizes demonstrated innovative and exemplary communications initiatives and programs, in service to the forestry profession and SAF, and/or aimed at increasing the general publics understanding of forestry and natural resources. This may include outreach to SAF members, the media, educators, youth groups, community groups, environmental organizations, and policy makers, as well as the general public.

2012 Awardee - Jaret Rushing (AR)
2013 Awardee - John Wainscott (AR)
2014 Awardee - Erin Johnson (OK)
2015 Awardee - Dr. Matthew Pelkki (AR)

Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award (Mirrors the National SAF's Outstanding Forestry Journalism Award)

Recognizes high quality journalistic coverage of forestry and forestry issues that increase the American publics awareness and understanding of forestry and natural resources, utilizing any media format (print, electronic, television, radio).

2015 Awardee - Don C. Bragg (AR)



This distinguished recognition is considered by many SAF members as the highest honor that our professional organization may bestow upon our members. Nominees must demonstrate both of the following:

1. a strong continuing commitment to SAF, through direct SAF volunteer activities
2. exemplary action, sustained leadership, and advancement of the forestry profession in at least one of the following areas:
     a. application of forestry
     b. education
     c. public policy
     d. research
     e. technology transfer

The nomination procedure is far more detailed than what is utilized for the above OSAF awards. Go to the National SAF website for full details and instructions:

Electronic copies of Fellow nomination instructions, the Fellow nomination consent form, and the Fellow nominee biographical sketch that must accompany a nomination may be obtained directly from the OSAF Council Members, Fellows and Awards Chair:

According to Ouachita SAF protocol, all nominations of members for the honor of Fellow must be submitted to the OSAF Council Members, Fellows and Awards Committee for initial screening and further submission by our OSAF committee to the District Fellows Committee.

Ouachita SAF Fellows -

Fellows - Society of American Foresters Ouachita SAF

Year         Name

1983     Craighead, Max R.           
1984     Chancey, Ted S. 
1985     Gresham, Billy G. 
1985     Ku, Timothy T. 
1987     Brown, Joe J.
1988     Robinson, David W.
1989     Johnson, Robert L. 
1989     Walker, William D.
1992     Leister, Randall L. 
1996     Dahl, Paul N. 
1996     Levins, Robert R. 
1996     McFarland, Robert J.
1997     Davis, Roger L.  
1997     Miller, Edwin L.
1998     Lewis, David K.
1998     Wittwer, Robert F.  
2000     Hay, Greg L., CF 
2002     Sorenson, James S., CF  
2003     Boutz, Raymond C., CF  
2003     Herron, Quintus H.
2004     Samuel, David J., CF
2005     Harvey, Michelle Mauthe, CF
2006     Prutzman, Peter W., CF 
2007     Kuzmic, Thomas 
2008     Foster, James W. ACF, CF/FCA
2008     Heinemann, Robert A., CF
2008     Hennessey, Thomas C.
2009     Bentley, Michael S., CF 
2009     McKinley, Craig R.
2010     Burwell, John C.
2011     Friend, Joseph D.
2012     Guffey, Caroll W., Jr., CF
2013 Ford, Victor L.




The Hall of Fame is a function of and sponsored by the The Arkansas Division, Ouachita Society of American Foresters, hereinafter the Arkansas Division.

The objective, purpose, or intent of the Hall of Fame is to honor residents or former residents of Arkansas, living or deceased, who have made outstanding contributions to the forestry profession in Arkansas, other states, or internationally. It is the intent of the Arkansas Division that election to the Hall of Fame is the highest honor and recognition of professional service a foresters may receive in Arkansas.

More specifics regarding candidate qualifications and nomination procedures can be found in the Documents section of this website under "Operating Procedures - AR Foresters Hall of Fame"


Year              Name

1994 Henry H. Chamberlin
1994 John Lewis Gray
1994 William Logan Hall
1994 Leslie K. Pomeroy
1994 Russell R. Reynolds
1995 R. Keith Arnold
1995 Robert H. Clark
1995 Timothy T. Ku
1995 Fred H. Lang
2001 James B. Baker
2001 Paul A. Murphy
2001 R. Larry Willett
2005 O. H. "Doogie" Darling
2005 E. Wesley McCoy
2006 Ted S. Chancey
2006 Paul N. Dahl
2006 Randall L. Leister




Awarded to a veteran member of the Oklahoma Division, with 15 years or more of exemplary service to SAF and the forestry community at all levels. Honors the late Nat Walker of the OSU Forestry faculty.


Awarded to a member of the Oklahoma Division with less than 15 years of exemplary service to SAF and the forestry community at any level. Honors the late Ted Silker of the OSU Forestry faculty.


Members of the Oklahoma Division may nominate a peer by sending a one-page letter (by regular mail, or attached to an e-mail) to the Chair of the Awards Committee noted below. Be sure to provide information about the nominee's accomplishments and achievements.


Carri Abner
Oklahoma Forestry Services
32340 E. 720 Dr.
Wagoner, OK 74467-7381



1983 Max Craighead 1983 John Burwell, Jr.
1984 John Burwell, Sr. 1984 Pat McDowell
1985 Quintus Herron 1985 Mark Worten
1986 Nat Walker 1986 Rob Doye
1987 Dave Robinson 1987 Dave Walters
1988 (no nominations) 1988 (no nominations)
1989 Roger Davis 1989 Steve Anderson
1990 Paul Roeber 1990 Bob Heinemann
1991 Paul Dahl 1991 Tom Lowry
1992 Kurt Atkinson 1992 Mark Choitz
1993 Ed Miller 1993 Charles Barden
1994 Steve Anderson 1994 Randy Holeman
1995 Al Myatt 1995 (no nominations)
1996 (no nominations) 1996 (no nominations)
1997 (no nominations) 1997 (no nominations)
1998 (no nominations) 1998 (no nominations)
1999 (no nominations) 1999 (no nominations)
2000 Jim Burnett 2000 Melissa Pearson
2001 (no nominations) 2001 (no nominations)
2002 (no nominations) 2002 (no nominations)
2003 Steve Mattax 2003 Carri Abner
2004 Dave Lewis 2004 Veronica Keithley
2005 Bob Wittwer 2005 Charles Gosset
2006 Bob Heinemann 2006 Alanna McFarland
2007 Tom Kuzmic 2007 Dennis Wilson
2008 Craig McKinley 2008 Rod Will
2009 John Burwell, Jr. 2009 Erin Johnson
2010 Roger Griffin 2010 Dereck Warren
2011 Tom Hennessey 2011 Paula Szczerba
2012 Carri Abner 2012 (no nominations)
2013 Randy Holeman 2013 (no nominations)
2014 Rod Will 2014 Cassandra Meek
2015 Dennis Wilson 2015 Jeri Irby