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Published 12 times a year, SAF's newspaper The Forestry Source, offers the latest information on national forestry trends, the latest developments in forestry policy at the federal, state, and local levels, the newest advances in forestry-related research and technology, and up-to-date information about SAF programs and activities.

The Forestry Source has moved to a "digital magazine" format, which offers SAF members enhanced search capabilities and, as more issues come online a better, more user-friendly archive, and more dynamic content. Check it out and let us know what you think via the "contact" link.

Each issue of The Forestry Source contains:

Feature Articles: Examine the latest and most significant trends, issues, and events within the profession and what they may mean for both SAF members and the forestry community at large.

Science and Technology: Offers short articles on innovations and activities in forest science and research and their implications for the forestry profession.

How to… Articles: Offer information and instruction on everything from controlling kudzu and using handheld computers to conducting meetings and logging with ATVs.

Society Affairs: Chronicles the activities of SAF state societies, divisions, and chapters, as well as new initiatives and programs from the SAF national office.

In addition, The Forestry Source features smaller sections, including Opinion Editorials and Commentaries, From the Leadership, Letters to the Editor, and Meeting Calendar.