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Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Works to Stop Spotted Lanternfly's Spread

Preventing Invasions of Destructive Forest Pests Using Pre-Invasion Assessments

One-Two Punch Slows the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Emerald Ash Borer Jumps West to Colorado

Quick Discovery Leads to Expected ALB Eradication in Boston

Scientists Work to Develop Adelgid-Resistant Hemlocks

Goldspotted Oak Borer Hitches Ride in Firewood, Kills Oaks

Firewood Movement: A Threat to California’s Forests?

Researchers Pin Hopes on “New Beetle” in Fight Against HWA in the Northeast

States Battle Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorned Beetle

Sugar Maple Decline after Defoliation by Forest Tent Caterpillar

"Slow The Spread": A National Program to Contain the Gypsy Moth

Response of Bark and Woodboring Beetles to Host Volatiles and Wounding on Western Juniper

The Forest Tent Caterpillar in Aspen Stands: Distribution and Density Estimation of Four Life Stages in Four Vegetation Strata

Silvicultural Options to Reduce Pine Susceptibility to Attack by a Newly Detected Invasive Species, Sirex noctilio

Invasive Species in the Last Frontier: Distribution and Phenology of Birch Leaf Mining Sawflies in Alaska

Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowners and the Southern Pine Beetle: Factors Affecting Monitoring, Preventing, and Controlling Infestations

Systemic Insecticide Injections for Control of Cone and Seed Insects in Loblolly Pine Seed Orchards-2 Year Results

The Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Initiative: Working for Healthier Forests

Control of Low-Level Nantucket Pine Tip Moth Populations: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Extended abstract for: Summer Temperature Extremes as a Driver in MPB outbreaks

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Invasive and Exotic Species to North America

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