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Climate Change:
Carbon Storage/Carbon Markets
Research Matters: Carbon Neutrality: The Burning Biomass Question

Forest Carbon Marketplace: Forest Managers Need a Comprehensive Climate-Change Strategy

Journal of Forestry Paper Examines Forest Bioenergy Carbon Emissions

Seminar Examines the Contributions of Forests in the Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Forest Carbon Marketplace: A Primer on Forest Carbon Projects under California’s New Offset Program

Forest Carbon Marketplace: The Business Case for California Forest Carbon Offsets

Maine Land Trust Registers First California CAR Carbon Project

American Carbon Registry Releases Methodology Aimed at Family Forests

Carbon in Forests and Wood Products: Sustainable Increases in Stored Carbon

Forest Carbon Marketplace: 2010 Carbon Market Ups and Downs

CA Approves Greenhouse Cap-and-Trade Regulations

Environmental Protection Agency Backs Off Greehouse Gas Regulations

The Albedo Effect and Forest Carbon Offset Design

Forest Carbon Marketplace: What Makes an “Improved Forest Management Project” Improved?

Assessing Forestation Opportunities for Carbon Sequestration in Minnesota

Forest Carbon Marketplace - Getting Ready for Carbon

Precompliance Players See Gains in Forest Carbon Markets

The Forest Carbon Marketplace

Guidelines Help Family Forest Owners Enter Carbon Market

Forest Offset Projections in a Carbon Trading System — a position of the Society of American Foresters

Carbon Storage and Oregon's Land-Use Planning Program

Markets for Forest Carbon Offset Projects

Guide for Classifying Lands for Greenhouse Gas Inventories

The Effect of Carbon Revenues on the Rotation and Profitability of Loblolly Pine Plantations in East Texas

The Carbon Consequences of Thinning Techniques: Stand Structure Makes a Difference

Effects of Carbon Markets on the Optimal Management of Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii) Plantations

How to Estimate Forest Carbon for Large Areas from Inventory Data

Carbon Banking: Creating Flexibility for Forest Owners — 2008 SAF National Convention

A Carbon Estimation System: Rural and Urban Forest Case Studies — 2008 SAF National Convention

Gulf Coastal Forests in a Changing Climate — 2008 SAF National Convention

COMET-VR: An online tool for estimating carbon storage in agroforetry practices — 2007 SAF National Convention

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