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SAF Structure

SAF contains different bodies including the Board of Directors, House of Society Delegates, Forest Science and Technology Board, National Student Assembly, state societies, working groups, and the national office. Each body has its own unique role and responsibilities that fulfill the mission and Constitution and Bylaws of the Society.

SAF Board of Directors
SAF's Board of Directors provides leadership and direction to the Society of American Foresters to ensure the achievement of its mission. The president, vice-president, immediate past-president, and 11 elected members (one from each voting district) serve on the Board.

Task Forces and National Committees
SAF's Board of Directors establishes task forces to accomplish specific projects or studies. National committees are long term and carry out continuing Society activities.

House of Society Delegates
The House of Society Delegates is the grassroots organizational body comprised of a delegate and alternate delegate from each state society.

Forest Science and Technology Board
The Forest Science and Technology Board provides an effective means for the development, dissemination, and use of forest sciences.

Working Groups
Targeting distinct interests in six area specific forest science areas, Working Groups are the voice of current scientific thinking of their respective topics.

National Student Congress
The National Student Assembly is the grassroots organizational body comprised of student members and student chapters.